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White Plains DUI/DWI Attorney

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DWI/DUI Charges

When you are brought before a judge following your DUI arrest, you can expect to lose your driver's license during the pendency of your case. Whether you are allowed to retain minimal driving privileges in New York State while your case progresses often depends upon what happens in that first hearing. Thus it is important to have a lawyer represent you at that meeting. As an experienced DUI lawyer, I know what needs to be presented to enable you to get conditional driving privileges, or as it is also known, a hardship drivers license. My firm defends clients facing charges for first offense DWI/DUI or repeat offense DWI/DUI in New York.

Underage Drinking

In New York, minors can face serious consequences for underage possession or consumption of alcohol. I provide aggressive defense counsel to clients facing underage drinking charges, including college students facing DWI/DUI charges or underage drinking charges.

Drug Possession

As a prosecutor working in the Office of the Bronx County District Attorney, I handled thousands of cases pertaining to drug possession and drug sale charges. From this experience I have gained a thorough understanding of how prosecutors prepare and pursue drug cases. Most importantly, I have also learned how fragile some drug charges can actually be.

Drug Sales

What the prosecution asserts to be the sale of a controlled substance may, in fact, fall far short of the legal definition of that crime. I am a former prosecutor, turned criminal defense attorney, who understands the law as it applies to drug and narcotics-related crimes. I know how to effectively challenge the prosecution's assertions.

Weapons Charge

Recent legislation in New York has increased the penalties for the possession of an unlicensed weapon. Conviction now carries a minimum mandatory sentence of three years in prison. While there used to be a significant reduction in the penalty for possession of an unlicensed weapon in your home, that reduction has since been altered by the new legislation. As a result, it is important to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer, as quickly as possible, if you face weapons charges. I have extensive experience in defending clients facing weapons charges.

Larceny and Shoplifting

Many people think that if they confess to an accusation of shoplifting and apologize to the store, they will not be prosecuted. However, many of the major department stores in New York will attempt to coerce confessions from you, which can be used against you in a subsequent criminal prosecution. The sooner you contact me, the better I can protect your rights in larceny/theft and shoplifting matters.

White-Collar Crimes

Being accused of a white-collar criminal matter can stir intense emotions and job-related fears. I take a level-headed and clear approach to your criminal defense, with the objective of obtaining the best possible outcome. I defend against complex computer crimes, fraud, embezzlement and other white-collar crimes.

Sex Crimes

People often ask me if they can be convicted of a sex crime based on one person's word. The simple answer is yes. Thus, the word of one person, if believed by a jury, is enough to convict you. Within the past year, the New York State Legislature has also eliminated and amended the statute of limitations for certain sex crimes. This means that people can be subject to more remote allegations of a sex crime, which are harder to defend.

Assault & Vehicular Assault

In recent years, the New York State Legislature has increased the penalties for crimes such as assault and aggravated harassment. The new laws also allow prosecutors to more easily file charges of vehicular assault or vehicular homicide in alcohol-related accidents resulting in personal injury or death. If you have been charged with an assault crime, contact me as soon as possible.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations are a significant source of funds for New York City and the State of New York. As a result, many people — especially commercial or truck drivers — are freely pulled over by the police and given multiple tickets that can add up to an onerous amount. To protect your bank account, and your ability to drive in New York State, it is important to hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. I can help you navigate these troublesome legal matters.

Effective Criminal Defense in White Plains

I aggressively challenge a criminal charge in New York City. My experience means that I know how to address common issues with the prosecutor's case, including:

I will also challenge civil forfeiture if the prosecutor's starts a forfeiture action to recover property related to your criminal matter.

If you have been charged with a DWI, weapons offense, or any other crime in the New York City area, contact The Law Firm of Michael S. Berardino, formerly Mangialardi & Berardino, as soon as possible, locally at 212-983-5677 or 914-618-4167, or Toll Free at 877-776-5584. I believe in defending your rights and your freedom.

I serve clients throughout the New York metropolitan area, including New York City, White Plains, Tarrytown, Dobbs Ferry, Tuckahoe, Elmsford, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Greenburgh, Scarsdale, Ardsley, Hastings on Hudson, Rye, Mount Pleasant, Harrison, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, Mount Vernon, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Putnam County, and Dutchess County.

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