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When Criminal Charges Involve Computer Use

Computer crimes have serious consequences. Depending on the severity of the allegation, you may find yourself facing felony charges, jail time, large fines, probation or community service. A computer crimes charge can also affect your job status, your family and your freedom. To protect yourself, you need an experienced New York criminal defense attorney on your side.

At The Law Firm of Michael S. Berardino, we understand the lifelong impact that a criminal conviction will have on you and your family. We are dedicated to your defense and to achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

Types Of Computer Crimes In New York

Computer crimes can result in charges in both New York state court and federal court, depending on your individual circumstances. There are also different types of computer crimes and internet crimes such as:

  • Hacking into a private account
  • Stealing personal information
  • Accessing confidential information
  • Skimming or phishing
  • Cyber stalking
  • Internet possession of pornographic photos or videos

All cyber crimes that are facilitated by the use of a computer are aggressively prosecuted at the state and federal levels. Computer crimes that include deceptive or fraudulent practices may also follow a separate white collar crimes charge or fraud charge.

Fight Your Computer Crimes Charge

When you are facing a computer crimes charge, you want an attorney who will fight for your rights in and out of the courtroom. I combine my personal knowledge of how the prosecutors prepare their cases with our criminal defense experience to defend against your criminal charge effectively and aggressively.

If you have been charged with a computer crime such as cyber stalking or stealing information, in the New York City area, contact a lawyer at The Law Firm of Michael S. Berardino, formerly Mangialardi & Berardino, as soon as possible, locally at 914-618-4167, or toll free at 877-776-5584. I believe in defending your rights and your freedom.

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