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DWI/DUI laws in the state of New York continue to become stricter, and so do the accompanying penalties. When facing DUI, DWI, DWI Drugs, or DWAI charges, it is important to hire an experienced defense lawyer as quickly as possible, as they can help you keep your car and retain minimal driving privileges.

At The Law Firm of Michael S. Berardino, formerly Mangialardi & Berardino, in Hartsdale, New York, I believe in aggressively defending my clients’ rights and freedom. As a seasoned DWI/DUI lawyer, I will use every available legal option to obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Contact my firm for assistance in Tarrytown, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, or throughout New York City.

What Can I Expect If I Am Arrested For DWI / DUI / DWI Drugs / DWAI?

If you face charges for driving under the influence or while intoxicated in the state of New York, you must deal with three major issues which could have a significant impact upon your life:

  • The Criminal Charge: This carries a potentially severe fine, a term of probation, or even the prospect of jail time
  • The License Revocation: At your arraignment, in most instances, the judge will immediately suspend your driver’s license or your privilege to drive in the state of New York. I can challenge this immediate suspension in an administrative hearing and seek to obtain a hardship license for you. If granted, this hardship license will afford you the limited ability to drive, despite the court’s overall suspension of your license or driving privileges during the pendency of your case.
  • Forfeiture of Your Vehicle: If you are the title owner of the car you were driving, you face the likely prospect of the police seizing your vehicle as the “instrumentality of a crime” in a civil forfeiture proceeding. Vehicle forfeiture as a result of a DUI arrest is very common in New York City.

In most instances, when you are brought to court for your arraignment following your DUI arrest, you will lose your driver’s license during the pendency of your case. Whether you are allowed to retain minimal driving privileges in the state of New York while your case progresses often depends upon what happens in the first meeting with the judge. As an experienced New York DWI lawyer, I know what evidence needs to be presented in order for you to obtain a hardship license or out-of-state driving privileges during the pendency of your case.

Fight Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk driving charges can be successfully challenged. Police and prosecutors sometimes overstep their authority and violate our constitutional rights. Evidence obtained in violation of your rights may be thrown out. The officer apprehending you may not have had probable cause to stop your vehicle. Field sobriety testing may not have been conducted properly. Or, the breathalyzer test may have given an inaccurate blood alcohol content (BAC) reading due to improper administration, maintenance, or calibration. In addition, if you have a medical condition, such as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), your breath test reading may be inaccurate. People with heart burn or acid reflux may have an inflated reading when taking the breathalyzer test.

If you have been charged with a DWI, DUI, DWI Drugs, or DWAI in White Plains, Tuckahoe, or anywhere in the New York City area, contact The Law Firm of Michael S. Berardino, formerly Mangialardi & Berardino, as soon as possible, locally at 914-618-4167, or Toll Free at 877-776-5584. I believe in defending your rights and your freedom.

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